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Themes and Dates for FotoFest 2012 International Biennial Have Been Announced

FotoFest 2012 Biennial
March 16 to April 29, 2012
Houston, Texas

The FotoFest 2012 Biennial is the 14th International Biennial of Photography and Photo-related Art.  This biennials curators are: Wendy Watriss, Fred Baldwin, Evgeny Berezner, Irina Tchmyreva, and Natalia Tarasova.  This year’s theme is:

Contemporary Russian Photography:
Post-war Avant-garde to Today

The time is right to refocus attention on Russian photography, which spiked during the 1990s following the collapse of the Soviet Union but ebbed during the past decade as global interest in contemporary Asian art ascended.

It is not choosing Russia just for the sake of choosing Russia, It is choosing Russia because there is very good work there and there are gaps in our knowledge of the continuum between well know Russian constructivist artists of the 1920s and contemporary Russian artists using photography.

–Wendy Watriss, Senior Curator, from the Houston Chronicle, “Planning for FotoFest 2012 Under Way,” 01/16/2011

“The FotoFest Biennial is the United States’ largest and longest-running international photography festival. It is one of the oldest international showcases for photography in the world today.

The FotoFest 2012 Biennial features photography and mixed-media exhibitions, an international portfolio review for artists, evenings for art collectors; opportunities to meet artists, symposia on photography, artist and curator talks, workshops for artists, gallery treks, film screenings, book signings and the international Biennial Fine Print Auction.

2012 Biennial Participating Spaces
FotoFest invites Houston-area museums, commercial galleries, non-profit spaces, artist-run spaces, corporate spaces, and retail establishments to participate in the FotoFest Biennial as Participating Spaces.  Participating Spaces are venues that choose to exhibit photographic art as part of the FotoFest Biennial.

2012 International Meeting Place Portfolio Review
FotoFest’s International Meeting Place portfolio review takes place March 16th to April 3rd, 2012.  As the world’s largest and most internaional portfolio review, FotoFest’s Meeting Place is an innovative leader in the field for over 24 years.  It brings together over 500 artists and over 170 international curators, editors, publishers, collectors and agency representatives for 16 days of one-on-one meetings.”

For more information about Participating Spaces, portfolio reviews, and upcoming deadlines, visit the FotoFest website.


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