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Deadline December 7th: Photography Fellowships in Africa

SocialDocumentary.net | Management Sciences for Health
Call for Entries: Photography Fellowship in Africa
Deadline: Friday, December 7, 2012

Submission Fee: $25

SocialDocumentary.net and Management Sciences for Health are partnering to award this fellowship to global health-minded photographers to capture the breadth and impact of MSH’s work. MSH wishes to build up a library of photographs that captures its life saving work with people working at all levels of the health system—from the households and families to community-based health workers to the doctors and nurses in the health centers to government officials and ministers of health.

Three photographers will be awarded a $4,000 fellowship, plus travel expenses, to spend two weeks working in Africa to document the global health projects of Management Sciences for Health (MSH).”

Three selected photographers will receive:

  • $4,000 honoraria.
  • All expenses paid during travel including emergency medical insurance and visas.
  • Work will be featured in MSH publications (hard copy and electronic), website, social media, conference and event materials, and country and corporate reports.
  • Work will featured on SDN website and in email Spotlight.

Submissions will be evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Submitted work and résumé must demonstrate ability to photographically document challenging situations resulting in strong visual imagery and narrative.
  • Photographer must provide evidence of past experience working independently in the developing world and/or countries in conflict.
  • Submitted work must demonstrate ability to show dignity and hope while engaged in photographing challenging global health situations.
  • Submitted photographs must have been taken since 2007 or later.

To read the full prospectus and to apply via SocialDocumentary.net, click here.


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