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June 6th, Santa Fe: Reception for Richard Tuschman and photo-eye Grand Opening


© 2014 Richard Tuschman

Opening Reception: Richard Tuschman, Hopper Meditations
Friday, June 6, 2014, 5:00-7:00 pm

“[Edward] Hopper was a master at using light to expressively illuminate his subject. I also like the fact that almost all of his human subjects are contemplative. There is, for the most part, no action. This sense of quietude contributes to the open-ended quality of the narratives, and leaves room for significant emotional depth. This seems a lot like real life, and what I would like to carry over in my work.” — Richard Tuschman

The exhibition will be on view June 6 – July 19, 2014.

This opening reception is in conjunction with photo-eye’s new gallery space grand opening.  The new photo-eye Gallery is located at:

541 S. Guadalupe St.
(in the Railyard Arts District)
Santa Fe, New Mexico

November 15th, Santa Fe: Opening Reception: “Le Rêve” with Susan kae Grant, Kamil Vojnar, Krzysztof Wladyka


© 2013 Susan kae Grant

Verve Gallery of Photography
Opening Reception: Le Rêve with Susan kae Grant, Kamil Vojnar, Krzysztof Wladyka
Friday, November 15, 2013, 5:00-
7:00  pm

“This exhibition at VERVE is a collection of photographs that dispels the belief that photography offers an accurate rendering of persons, places, things and events–Realism. The images by these three fine art photographers are created, constructed and choreographed by the artist to, at first blush, appear as accurate and objective renderings of what they portray. They summon the viewer to first comprehend them as an accurate rendition, only to then provoke the viewer to see them in a completely different light. Unmistakably aesthetic, this imagery of persons, places, things and events is to be seen and understood as metaphors–to tell a different story or stories, or perhaps a story of a dream–Surrealism…. This exhibition is therefore a theater, an itinerary of animated pictorial elaborations—images of the dream. In each instance, however, the image content is always inviting and the compositions have patterns, structure and narrative. The works are pleasing to the eye.”

VERVE Gallery of Photography
219 East Marcy Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico

September 26th, Santa Fe: Lecture by MVS “Understanding the Value of Your Work Within Multiple Markets”

Santa Fe University of Art & Design | ASMP New Mexico
Presentation by Mary Virginia Swanson: Understanding the Value of Your Work to Multiple Markets

Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 7:00 pm
Free and open to the public.

At the conclusion of her marketing workshop at the Santa Fe Workshops, Mary Virginia Swnson will give a public lecture co-sponsored by Santa Fe University of Art and Design and the New Mexico Chapter of ASMP.  A book signing with photo-eye will follow the lecture.

One of the most exciting recent developments for photographers is the growth of new markets for their work. Whether a fine print is shown in a museum or in a corporate office, reproduced as book cover illustration or featured within product advertising, the value of that photograph is different for each buyer. In this seminar, Swanson will provide an overview the value of your work within today’s diverse photography marketplace.

Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Tipton Hall
1600 St. Michael’s Drive (just east of Cerrillos Drive) on the University campus
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Click here to download the flier (PDF).

April 20th, Santa Fe: Sharon Harper Exhibition & Book Signing at Radius Books


Sharon Harper, “From Above and Below”

Radius Books
Sharon Harper Exhibition and Book Signing
Saturday, April 20, 2013, 4:00-6:00 pm

“The first book on the work of Sharon Harper, From Above and Below, features ten years of experimental photographs and video stills of the sky—images of stars, sun, sky, moon and clouds. Sharon’s photographs within this volume draw on scientific and artistic uses of photography to illuminate the medium’s ability to simultaneously verify empirical evidence and record the artist’s subjective relationship to the natural world.”

227 E. Palace Ave, Suite W
Santa Fe, New Mexico  [map]

February 8th & 19th, Albuquerque: Opening Reception & Artist Talk: Martin Stupich “Remnants of the First World”


© 2013 Martin Stupich

University of New Mexico Art Museum
Opening Reception for Martin Stupich, Remnants of the First World
Friday, February 8, 2013, 5:00-7:00 pm
Artist Talk on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 5:30 pm
Free and open to the public.

“We build and shape our landscapes and terrains—gardens, bridges, truck stops, quarries, canals and dams—to suit both our physical and emotional desires. Yet this is not without consequences. This exhibition presents a selection of potent images from a larger body of work that Martin Stupich has explored and recorded since the 1970s. These images of some of our most ambitious, often permanent structures are breathtaking to behold yet also pose questions about what it is we are leaving behind as the “remnants” of our culture and time. As the photographer has remarked “These remnants of the first world are the evidence, the trail of clues we leave as we plow ahead….” Stupich clearly works within a historical sphere which harks back to the nineteenth-century and includes some of the great camera artists of that era such as Timothy O’Sullivan, Carleton Watkins and Darius Kinsey.”

The exhibition is located in the Van Daren Coke Gallery and will be on display February 19 – May 25, 2013.
Martin Stupich will give an artist talk at the museum on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 5:30 pm.

UNM Art Museum
Albuquerque, New Mexico  [map]

November 3rd, Santa Fe: Book Signing, Exhibition & Artist Talk with Sharon Core

Sharon Core, Early American

Radius Books 
Book Signing, Exhibition & Artist Talk with Sharon Core
Saturday, November 3, 2012, 4:00-6:00 pm 

“Join Radius Books for a book signing, exhibition and artist talk with Sharon Core. Copies of her first major monograph, Early American, will be available for purchase. An exhibition of Core’s photographs, which are featured in the book, will remain up through the end of December.

227 E. Palace Ave, Suite W
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501  [map]
Tel: 505 983 4068

September 28th, Santa Fe: Opening at photo-eye Gallery “Solar”

photo-eye Gallery
Opening Reception for Solar
Friday, September 28, 2012, 5:00-7:00 pm

“photo-eye Gallery will open a group exhibition of sun-related images titled Solar. Included in this exhibit will be recent works by Jamey Stillings from the Ivanpah Solar power plant, historic photographs from the Lick Observatory printed by Linda Connor, recent high definition solar images by Alan Friedman, sunburned photographs by Chris McCaw, sunrise studies by David H. Gibson, solar images by film and video artist Sharon Harper, and a solar pinhole photograph by Becky Ramotowski.”

The exhibition will be up until the end of November. 

photo-eye Gallery
376-A Garcia Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico  [map]

July 26th, Santa Fe: Performance by W. M. Hunt “The Unseen Eye”

Santa Fe University of Art and Design | photo-eye
Performance by W. M. Hunt, The Unseen Eye: A Life in Photographs and Other Digressions…
Thursday, July 26, 2012 at 6:00 pm
Free and open to the public. Book signing to follow.

W. M. Hunt will recreate his unique performance piece suggested by the text for his book, The Unseen Eye: Photographs from the Unconscious (Aperture 2011).  Hunt debuted his performance The Unseen Eye: A Life in Photographs and Other Digressions… last October when the book was launched.

The Unseen Eye: A Life in Photographs and Other Digressions… is a monologue with projections and video, a rumination on Hunt’s many years of collecting and a life in photographs.  The author hopes to bring into the light some of the names and stories left out of The Unseen Eye. The book presents a wonderfully idiosyncratic and compelling collection of photographs assembled around a particular theme: magical, heart stopping images of people in which the eyes are obscured, veiled, or otherwise hidden.

Based in New York City, W. M. Hunt has been a collector since his early years as an actor. He is a frequent lecturer on collecting, a well-known dealer, a fundraiser, writer and an adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Hunt is known for his wit, his eye and his often larger than life personality.”

Santa Fe University of Art and Design
Tipton Hall, Marion Center for Photographic Arts at
1600 St. Michael’s Drive
Santa Fe, New Mexico  [map]

June 1st, Santa Fe: Review Santa Fe Open Portfolio Viewing

Review Santa Fe
Portfolio Viewing
Friday, June 1, 2012, 5:00-8:00 pm
Open to the public.

“CENTER is pleased to present Portfolio Viewing, a photographic walk through the Review Santa Fe 100 fine-art and documentary portfolios. Attendees can view contemporary photography and engage in dialogue with the artists as well as the extended photographic community.”

IHM Retreat Center, Sunmount Room
50 Mt. Carmel Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

March 6th, Albuquerque: Artist Talk by Joel Peter-Witkin

University of New Mexico Art Museum
Artist Talk by Joel Peter-Witkin, Matter Into Spirit

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 5:30 pm
Free and open to the public (suggested donation of $5).

Joel Peter-Witkin (American, b. 1939) remains one of the most innovative and controversial living photographers who is best known for his provocative tableaux that are highly symbolic amalgamations and contemporary versions of the medieval tradition of the momento mori; that is, images that serve to remind the viewer of her/his own mortality. Witkin’s oeuvre is distinguished, perhaps like no other in the international pantheon of vanguard photography, through his constructed versions of heaven and hell, suffering and deliverance, morbidity and beauty laced with Christian iconography and pagan myth. The aura of the photographs are enhanced by deliberate manipulation of the surface to make them appear aged, an act that comments on the nature of the photographic image by calling into question its permanency.”

The Art Museum is located in the Center for the Arts, UNM Main Campus [map].
Paid parking available in Structure accessed at Central and Stanford.


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