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Deadline March 7th: “Emerging Photographer” Summer 2016 Issue

Emerging Photographer
Call for Submissions: Summer 2016 Issue

Deadline: Monday, March 7, 2016
Fee: $20 per series (3-10 images)

Emerging Photographer is a submission-based magazine, showcasing the work of up-and-coming photographers with around five years or less of professional experience. Submissions are now open for the Summer 2016 issue.

We are looking for photographers with a fresh perspective, compelling imagery and an insatiable drive to make an impact within the photography community. The featured photographers will be selected by the editors of Emerging Photographer, PDN and Rf, and their work will appear in the print issue and in a digital edition on issuu.com.

Emerging Photographer is distributed to art buyers, photo editors and creative directors. It has also been distributed at various galleries, Photo LA, PDN‘s 30 events and MOPLA, and exhibited at a pop-up exhibition at MOPLA last summer. This issue, select photographers will have the opportunity to sell prints of their work through CoEdit Collection, an online gallery and space for artists to share their images and ideas with a larger audience. We are always looking for new opportunities for the next group of selected photographers.


  • Travel/Landscape
  • Fine Art
  • Documentary
  • Portrait/Fashion


  • A feature in Emerging Photographer magazine.
  • Print distribution to a targeted list of 8,000 industry creatives, plus additional distribution at major photography festivals and events.
  • Online promotion to PDN‘s network of 200k followers.
  • Selected photographers will have the opportunity to consult with and sell their winning series through CoEdit Collection.”

For the full prospectus and to submit visit https://emerging.pdncontests.com.

Deadline May 19th: “SPECTRE // SPECTRUM” Conveyor Magazine Issue No. 5

Conveyor Magazine
Call for Entries: SPECTRE // SPECTRUM
Deadline: Sunday, May 19, 2013, Midnight PDT

“Our sense of wonder and fear is most palpable when our visions are fleeting…

In the forthcoming issue of Conveyor, we will be searching for moments when the properties of a spectre, that which dissolves from our sight, and a spectrum, a continuum or perfection of vision, overlap and counterbalance each other. The trespassing of these apparitions between the material and immaterial worlds can be equally thrilling and terrifying, amorphous and yet revealing.

We’re looking for absorbing and unexpected sights – phantom or prismatic images, atmospheric phenomena, news from a secret admirer or an absent friend – things that remind us of sidelong glances, illusory dreams, primal discoveries, and ghosts in the machine. They can appear abruptly or be gently delivered; they can range from electrified vision to muted whisper, from stark revelations to those that bleed together.

Submission Guideline

  • 10 jpgs maximum (1000 pixels each on the longest side)
  • List of Images (include Title, Year, Media, Dimensions for each image)
  • Short statement (150 words) + Artist’s CV
  • Email submission materials in a ZIP file to: SUBMISSIONS@CONVEYORMAGAZINE.ORG.


  • Proposal (350 words) for an article or essay on the theme of Spectre//Spectrum
  • CV and Bio
  • Writing Sample

Deadline April 1st: Foam Talent Call 2013

Foam Magazine
Call for Entries: Foam Talent Call 2013
Deadline: Monday, April 1, 2013, midnight PDT
Entry Fee: €35

“The Foam annual Talent Call is designed to showcase exceptional young photographers from all over the world. Every year, Foam Magazine dedicates its Fall issue to publishing the work of 15 selected talents. It is a springboard into the international photography industry for these artists, giving them international recognition and acclaim.

Submission Requirements

  • Are between 18 and 35 years old/ born between 1995 and 1977
  • Upload two projects/series with at least eight digital low-resolution images per project  (please note: a selection of random photos will not be considered).
  • The maximum number of submitted images is 20 (total size max. 5MB). – All images preferably in JPEG format.
  • Each project/series must be in a separate folder. Each folder must be named with the title of the series.
  • Include a brief description (max. one A4) of the projects/series in a Word document.
  • Include an abridged CV in a Word document or pdf.
  • All files must be compressed into one zip file. The zip file must be named as follows: <firstname_surname>

IMPORTANT: If the entry is not submitted in this format we will not take the application into consideration.”

Click here for the full prospectus andhere for the application.


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