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Deadline February 12th: Open to Interpretation Call for Entries “Love/Lust”

Open To Interpretation: A Juried Book Competition of Photography, Poetry and Prose
Call for Entries: Love/Lust
Deadline: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lust is an intense appetite, craving, or untamed desire. We lust for an array of things—money, power, objects, sex, or just living life. Love is a powerful affection or personal attachment and comes in a variety of forms, which can encompass romantic, sexual, platonic, narcissistic, or even religious feelings or attitudes. Show us your interpretations. Who or what do you love or lust for? What images capture these emotions for you?

Aline Smithson, Photographer and Creator/Editor of LENSCRATCH

Publication and Awards
$1000 Cover Award
$500 Judge’s Choice Award Photography
$500 Judge’s Choice Award Writing or Poetry

Being selected to be part of this publication puts you in great company with other photographers, writers, and poets. This publication is dedicated to providing a place for artists to gain recognition and exposure for their work. All participants chosen, if so desired, will have their name, web page and/or mailing address indexed in the book so as they can be contacted directly regarding their work.”

Click here for the submission guidelines and to submit your photographs.
Click here for the poetry and prose guidelines.


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