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Deadline August 25th: 2nd Kyiv International Festival of Photo Books

2nd Kyiv International Festival of Photo Books
Deadline: Monday, August 25, 2019
Free to enter.

“This festival is for those who appreciate or are interested in artistic photography, modern or classical. Who wants to turn pages of various books with works of photo art, collected on one day at one place, or to buy a book, for yourself or for a gift. Who wants to chat directly with publishers of these books and photographers. Who wants to listen to thematic lectures or to join other events that will be held within the festival.

The central event of the festival is a fair of photo books from Ukrainian and foreign publishing houses, art galleries and book stores specializing in such literature, as well as directly from photographers who have published their art photo books.

Along with the fair, we will have an exhibition of private collections of photo books and photo magazines. The lecture hall will host lectures on photo books and photography and open presentations of photo book projects for all day. The festival will hold a review of photo book projects by experts as well. On the second floor of IZONE there will be a cafe.

The festival is conducted in partnership with IZONE Creative Community.

If you wish to take part in the festival with photo books, yours or that you sell, see the section Participants. You can also view the list of participants there.

If you have an idea / project of not yet printed photo book, and would like to present it publicly – we will provide you with such opportunity! For free! You will have a large screen and interested audience that can ask questions or give a critique back. Details here.”


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