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June 6th, Boston: 7th Annual Focus Awards

The Griffin Museum of Photography
7th Annual Focus Awards
Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 7:00 pm
Tickets: $95

“The Focus Awards recognize individuals making critical contributions to the promotion, curation and presentation of photography.

The awards this year celebrate five people and organizations instrumental in building greater awareness of the photographic arts in the general public.

The Focus Awards have been presented in the following categories:

  •  The Lifetime Achievement Award – Eelco Wolf
    Given to an individual whose ongoing commitment to photography has created far reaching impact.
  • The Rising Star Award – Aline Smithson
    Given to an emerging force that the photographic community is watching with great enthusiasm.
  • The New England Beacon Award – Stephen Jareckie
    Given to a local individual whose work brings prominence to the local photographic scene.
  • The Spotlight Award – Rixon Reed
    Given to an entity that consistently shines a light on photography and has created a far reaching impact in the field.
  • The Quicksilver Award – Keith Jenkins
    Given to an individual who has made significant advances in using and exploring new technologies, as well as innovative approaches to photography utilizing nontraditional ways to showcase photography as an ever changing media.

The Focus Awards kicks off the Flash Forward Festival.”

Fairmont Battery Wharf
377 Commercial Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02109


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