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Deadline May 18th: “Gift of Gift of” Call for Entries

Gift of Gift of Call for Entries
Deadline: Friday, May 18, 2012 at 11:59 pm CT
No entry fee.

“Gift of Gift of (GoGo) was started in 2009 as a way to give young art lovers a chance to support emerging photographers and have a great time doing it. Each year GoGo hosts an annual Exhibition & Vote Party for folks who love photography and want to have a say in what works are “museum worthy.” The exhibitions feature photographs found through an open call for entries. The photographs are by artists of all ages from around the world who consider themselves to be emerging and are looking for the recognition that comes when their work is acquired by renowned museum. Money from Vote Party ticket sales are pooled together to purchase as many of the exhibited artworks as possible. Partygoers vote on the art to decide what will be purchased and offered as a gift of Gift of Gift of to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston permanent collection.

  • The exhibition is a chance for emerging photographers to gain exposure.
  • The party brings artists and art lovers together, encouraging them to discuss the work and lobby for their favorites, while having glamorous good time.
  • The voting gives art lovers the opportunity to have a tangible impact on a large collecting institution.

GoGo supports emerging photographers. In order to be eligible to submit work for consideration, artists should not have work in a major museum collection and must be producing artwork that is priced at $300 USD or less. Only original work produced in the last five years will be considered.

Submission Guidelines

  • Fill out the online entry form and email your images, resume/bio and artist statement to giftofgiftof@gmail.com, Subject: LASTNAME_ENTRY_2012 by midnight on May 18, 2012
  • Submit up to 10(max) digital image files to be considered (jpegs, max 300 ppi resolution, 1600 x 1600 pixels maximum). The maximum size for total entry should not exceed 20MB. Slides and/or prints will not be accepted.
  • Number/name each entry to correspond with the submitted entry form. All image titles should be labeled with your last name. (Example: 1_LASTNAME_TITLE_YEAR.jpg, 2_LASTNAME_TITLE_YEAR.jpg, etc.)”

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