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June 11th, NYC: MediaStorm Premiere “A Shadow Remains” & “Rite of Passage”

World Premiere of Phillip Toledano’s A Shadow Remains and Maggie Steber’s Rite of Passage
Monday, June 11, 2012, doors at 6:30, films at 7:30 pm
Free and open to the public. RSVP required.

Phillip Toledano and Maggie Steber are both celebrated photographers who turned their cameras on themselves and the ones closest to them at a time of deep introspection—the end of their parents’ lives.

While both originally started photographing these events for their personal albums, their experiences magnified in importance over the years spent with their aging parents. As time passed, caring for their parents brought them through a process of self discovery that taught them as much about themselves as the loved ones for which they were caring.

In the end, both Phillip and Maggie were left with bodies of work which relate not only their personal journeys, but speak to universal themes of love, life and family. MediaStorm is proud to have partnered with both Phillip and Maggie to tell their individual stories.

On June 11 MediaStorm will present both films for the first time. After the screening Phillip and Maggie will be available for a question and answer session about their experiences.

Galapagos Art Space
16 Main Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201  [map]

September 18th, NYC: Artist Talk by Lori Grinker “Distant Relations: One Family Eight Nations”

powerHouse Arena
Artist Talk by Lori Grinker Distant Relations: One Family Eight Nations
Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 5:00 pm

© 2011 Lor Grinker

Admission: $5
Please send RSVP to: rsvp@powerHouseArena.com

“This work in progress describes the dispersion of Lori Grinker‘s family from Lithuania in the late 1800s to North America, England, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Israel, and Ukraine. It is a story shared by many.

The goal of this project is to engage audiences with the universal experience of diaspora; these images and interviews, of specific places, people, and relationships in the course of this history reflect common experiences of transience, estrangement, and finally, rootedness. The Jewish diaspora inflects her family’s disparate paths; the struggles of maintaining tradition while adapting to new social environments are also familiar within a broad understanding of cultural migration.”

powerHouse Arena
37 Main Street (at Water Street)
Dumbo, Brooklyn
Phone: 718.666.3049

March 10th, Philadelphia: PPAC “East of Eden” an exhibition with Doug DuBois, Amy Stein and Mark Steinmetz

Philadelphia Photo Arts Center

Exhibition:  East of Eden
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 10, 2011, 6 – 9 pm
Exhibition is open from March 3 – May 21, 2011

“The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is excited to announce East of Eden, a spring exhibition running from March 3rd to May 21st, featuring the work of Doug DuBois, Amy Stein and Mark Steinmetz. East of Eden investigates contemporary America through the lens of John Steinbeck’s canonical novel. The exhibition draws upon themes of the west as a place for transformation and prosperity, familial relationships, America on the brink of change, and the deterioration of the small town.

More than 58 years after its initial publication, the novel’s themes still resonate with great impact in a contemporary context. America itself has undergone a tremendous shift in the last few decades, similar to those in the novel. Rather than locate works that draw upon the time period staged in the novel, the photographs in the exhibition were all created within the last 20 years depicting a newer version of Steinbeck’s America fraught with parallel turbulence, doubt and uncertainty.”


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