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Deadline January 21st: ACP Public Art Project 2013

Atlanta Celebrates Photography
ACP Public Art Project 2013
Deadline: Monday, January 21, 2013

No entry fee.

“Each year, ACP commissions a temporary public art project that is a highlight of the ACP Festival. ACP’s Public Art program is significant in its ability to bring photographic or lens-based projects to audiences that might not ordinarily visit a traditional arts venue. These projects encourage viewers to consider photography in fresh new ways. Do you have a great idea for an exciting Public Art project? We’d love to see it!

Our Open Call for Proposals for the ACP 2013 Public Art Project is now accepting your creative ideas. We look forward to your proposals exploring the intersection of photography and public art in Atlanta for this year’s Festival!

Our 2013 Public Art Project has a $9,500 budget, and it’s free to apply. It is a requirement that your project involve lens-based or photographic media as an integral part of the piece (this includes images and/or video captured by a lens, or media in which light sensitivity is a primary element of the material, or reimagining the uses of photography, or possibilities of imagery made with light).”

For full details and to apply, visit CallforEntries.org.


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