September 24-26, Oklahoma City: MVS is Featured Speaker at SPE South Central Conference

September 25, 2015

Society for Photographic Education South Central Regional Conference: Spheres of Influence

MVS will be participating in the South Central Regional conference of the Society for Photographic Education, hosted by the University of Oklahoma September 24 – 26th, 2015.  For complete conference details visit this website; conference registration is required for attendance.

NOTE: Non-SPE Members are welcome to attend, with full conference ($85), one-day ($30) or single event ($15) passes available; non-member student conference passes are $65.

She will presenting two lectures:

Sustaining Your Long-Term Project: Fundraising, Sponsorship & Creative Focus
Friday, September 25, 11:00-12:00

“Many photographers engage in creative projects that live within them for years, continuing work on them as funding allows, while others are intent on finishing a specific project that requires travel or other resources for completion. No matter what the parameters are for growing and concluding your project, securing time and support on many levels is essential. In this seminar, Mary Virginia Swanson will describe the path to successful fundraising to support the completion and subsequent publication & exhibition of your photography projects. She will help artists understand how to research and connect with like-minded individuals, organization and foundations who share a passion for your subject. The types of monetary grants available through corporate & private foundations and government agencies will be discussed, as well as the value of partnering with a fiscal agent for foundation support, in-kind donations, and sponsorship. Throughout the seminar, Ms. Swanson will share resources for fundraising and describe her research methodology to secure financial support for your photography project to reach the broadest possible audience.”

Understanding the Value of Your Work in Multiple Markets
Friday, September 25, 3:00 – 4:00

“One of the most exciting recent developments for photographers is the growth of new markets for their work. It is increasingly common to see photographs made by collectible artists step beyond their gallery’s walls to be featured as illustration within powerful graphic design. Whether a fine print is shown in a museum setting or in a corporate office, reproduced as book cover illustration or featured within product advertising, the value of that photograph is different for each buyer. In this seminar, noted author/educator Mary Virginia Swanson will demystify new markets and assess the role photography plays within them. She will discuss how to identify new buyers of images who are likely to respond to the style/content of your work, and the most effective approaches when introducing yourself and your photography. Swanson will guide you in assessing the value of your work within today’s diverse photography marketplace, and coach you on considerations artists must be mindful of when taking their artwork across multiple markets.”




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