October 3-6, Durham, NC: MVS Presenting in Click! Academy

October 3, 2018toOctober 6, 2018

Click! Photo Festival | Click! Academy

From Concept to Audience: The Life of a Photographic Project
October 3, 12:30–2:30 PM

As artists, when an idea for a project becomes clear and the passion to produce that new work overtakes us, we begin a journey unlike any other. By thinking about the desired audience and impact of your project at the outset, it is more likely that your efforts will exceed your expectations.
In this seminar, Mary Virginia Swanson will walk us through recommended steps to ensure that thorough research and wise decisions will lead to creating work that is authentic in its making and its presentation, and that the project has the strongest possibility of sponsorship, exhibitions and publication. RSVP required, register here.

Projects in Progress: A Group Session with Mary Virginia Swanson
October 4, 9:30–11:45 AM

Registration Fee: $65
Register here.

In this group format, 10 photographers  in succession will share their project-in-progress in print form (not digital) during a 10 – minute open discussion with MVS.  In this group format, each photographer will tell MVS briefly and succinctly

  • What the project is about.
  • Who the target audience is.
  • What the status of production is – early phase? in progress?  Nearing completion?
  • What your preferred final format is for the project (i.e. exhibition, publication, dedicated website etc.).
  • MVS will share her response to the work and ideas for moving your project forward.
  • When not presenting their work all participants are invited to observe the discussions she has with each of the with other participants.

Note: This session is limited to a total of 10 participants and is a companion to the public seminar: From Concept to Audience: The Life of a Photographic Project (above).

To Be Published or Self-Publish? Publishing Options for Artists Today
October 6, 1:00–2:00 PM

The print-on-demand revolution has opened up new publishing possibilities for artists; it has never been easier or more affordable to produce and market a book of your work. The traditional publishing path has the advantage of a highly specialized team that brings experience with design, production, marketing and distribution systems to the table. In a self-publishing scenario you can create exactly the book you envision, but without the input and expertise of seasoned professionals at a publishing house. Which approach is best for you and your work?

Mary Virginia Swanson will demystify the process of publishing a book of your photographs from the perspectives of both traditional trade and self-publishing paths, helping participants determine the pros/cons of each. Swanson will share resources from her recent title with coauthor Darius Himes, Publish Your Photography Book (Princeton Architectural Press, Revised and updated 2015).

Panel Discussion: Photo Book Publishing
October 6, 2:00–3:00 PM

Photo Book Publishing Moderator: Mary Virginia Swanson
Panelists: Dave Wofford owner Horse & Buggy Press Alice Whiteside Head, Joseph C. Sloane Art Library University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and special guest Lisa McCarty, whose book “Transcendental Concord” was just published by Radius Books.


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