November 30th, New Orleans: MVS to present lecture at PhotoNOLA Education Day

November 30, 2012

TRADITIONAL and NEW MARKETS is the theme for this year’s Education Day at PhotoNOLA, which is held one day in advance of the start of the portfolio reviews in New Orleans.  I look forward to having the opportunity to share recent research on new markets for photographers!

My colleague gallerist Sasha Wolf will be giving a morning seminar and I am pleased to be presenting on new markets in the afternoon session.

This event is open to all, whether registered for PhotoNOLA Reviews or not, and you may register for either or both sessions.

From the event website:

“As artists, it is important to maintain keen awareness of our industry, keeping abreast of innovations in ways we bring work to market. Today the audience for photography is expanding, distributing images with digital technology and bringing prints on to walls faster than we can say NEW MARKETS.

This year’s PhotoNOLA Education Day is separated into two seminars, which together will provide you with a window on opportunities for your work in today’s economy. (Note: price is discounted when registering for both morning and afternoon sessions.)

The morning session will give you an inside look at the artist-gallery relationship, presented by Sasha Wolf of Sasha Wolf Gallery (NYC).

The afternoon session will focus on new markets for your images, including an understanding of licensing rights, presented by Mary Virginia Swanson of MVSwanson (Tucson and NYC).”


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