Payment for Consultations

You may make your payment due for consultation time here via PayPal; a PayPal account is not required to use this service.

Select the appropriate option below, according to whether you are paying for your initial consultation sessions (OPTION 1, billed at $300/hour), you are an existing client paying for additional sessions in one-hour blocks (OPTION 2, billed at $250/hour), or paying for exact time spent consulting with Ms. Swanson during a shorter meeting (OPTION 3, eg. 15 minutes = $62.50, 30 minutes = $125.00).  You will be issued a receipt with your transaction number upon completion.

Option 1: Consultation Services initial consultation rate

Price: $300.00 / hour (2-hr minimum)
Number of hours:


Option 2: Consultation Services existing client rate

Price: $250.00 / hour
Number of hours:


Option 3: Other

Existing clients may pay a specific amount for time used during shorter phone or email consult with Ms. Swanson (example: 30 minutes = $125.00, 15 minutes = $62.50, etc.)

Payment amount:

Your Price: $ 

PLEASE NOTE:  M. V. Swanson & Associates is an incorporated business.  As such, Ms. Swanson does not provide a 1099 or W9 to consulting clients. 


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