Artist Testimonials

Jessica Hines

After hearing great things about Mary Virginia Swanson for years, I finally decided to contact her for a consultation.  It was the best thing I ever did.  Her advice changed my life and for this, I am forever grateful.  On my own, I would never have known what steps to take to set my career into motion.  I am amazed by the range and depth of her knowledge and skills concerning all aspects of the business of photography.  She is THE world’s expert and I give her my highest recommendation!

—Jessica Hines (website)

S. Gayle Stevens

Mary Virginia Swanson is the wisest investment I made in my  career. Under Mary Virginia’s guidance, the recognition of my work and the success of my art career has grown greatly and exceeded what I could have accomplished on my own.  Mary Virginia has helped me with the creation of my website, preparing for portfolio reviews, marketing my work and she always has a smile on her face.

—S. Gayle Stevens (website)

Laurie Lambrecht

Mary Virginia Swanson’s informed guidance has been an essential part of the completion and placement of my project “In the Studio of Roy Lichtenstein”. After this work laying dormant for 15 years, with her direction, a book is due to be published late in 2011.  Additionally, it has been exhibited in 5 venues in the past year. Without hesitation I would encourage others to work with Mary Virginia to have their creative goals brought to fruition.

—Laurie Lambrecht (website)

Carl Bower

MVS: Thanks again for your help. With the perspective of the two weeks since our meeting, I can say that our time really re-focused things not only with the tactical changes you suggested, but in a strategic sense as well. I see some possibilities I hadn’t considered before and a tangible sense of how to push myself in a new direction, or return to the path I’ve wanted to be on all along.

—Carl Bower (website)

Mary Beth Meehan

The most amazing thing about working with Mary Virginia Swanson is that she takes the time to understand who you are, as an individual and as a photographer, as well as what you are trying to achieve with your work. Then, she quickly gets down to business, whittling her vast knowledge of the field into a personal plan for you. She has helped me stay focused on an authentic path, even nudging me back to myself when I have gotten distracted and overwhelmed. She is optimistic, constructive, and – reassuringly – there when you need her. She is an amazing resource to all of us.
—Mary Beth Meehan (website)

Judith Fox

There is no one like Mary Virginia Swanson.  Period.

I’ve had decades of experience as a photographer, author and business owner and I know—and have worked with—talented people around the world.  Mary Virginia Swanson ranks with the best of them, but she’s my go-to person when it comes to questions relating to world of photography.  She knows how to ask the right questions and focuses—quickly, efficiently and brilliantly—on whatever I put before her.  One of the many things I love about working with her is that she can help me with a photography issue I’m struggling with, but she also helps me with problems I didn’t know I had.  I once brought Mary Virginia an early-stage project to look at, and she encouraged me to rethink the title of the project; she was right—and the new title made a big difference in how I, and others, saw the work.  Mary Virginia Swanson has also helped me with questions about licensing photographs and dealing with publishers and contracts—if it relates to photography, she can deal with it.  Working with Mary Virginia Swanson has made me a better photographer, and a more successful one.  She’s also a truly lovely human being.

—Judith Fox (website)

Max de Esteban

Mary Virginia Swanson has been instrumental in my access to the fine-art market. Her advice, reviews and counseling have made a huge impact in my ability to introduce my work internationally. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with her.

—Max de Esteban (website)

Jeff Curto

Mary Virginia Swanson is photography’s equivalent of the sports world’s triple threat. When speaking with photographers, she helps them find the best and most effective way to share their personal vision with the world.  When speaking with students, she provides a blast of solid, real-world practicality that helps them in their first steps in the photographic world. Most importantly, though, Mary Virginia Swanson is a cheerleader for our medium; helping all of us by showing us what’s cool, what’s working, and making us proud to be involved in this vibrant community.

—Jeff Curto (website)

Jonathan Blaustein

Like everyone, I’d heard great things about Mary Virginia Swanson through the grapevine before we met.  I had really high expectations, because it’s understood that she is one-of-a-kind.  Of course, she was even better in person.  Her creativity, positive energy, generosity, professionalism, great communication skills, and superior listening have helped me push my career beyond where I thought it could go.  I can’t recommend her more highly.  She is the best there is.

—Jonathan Blaustein (website)

Magdalena Solé

Our time together was engaging, thought provoking, timely and most importantly illuminating of all the nooks and crannies of publishing a photography book.  I can now go into my meeting this week with some useful knowledge of the process and some ideas as to a reasonable contract arrangement.  Thanks again for your time and thoughtfulness.

—Magdalena Solé (website)

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