May 5–11, NYC Workshop: “Your Work and Its Audience: Making the Match”

May 5, 2019toMay 11, 2019

Your Work and Its Audience: Making the Match

Mary Virginia Swanson & Special Guests
Hosted by La Luz Workshops

“As artists, we derive great joy from bringing a personal project to completion. Sharing that work with others completes the creative cycle.

In this workshop participants will gain insights from a diverse range of industry experts on advancing their project towards targeted presentation. This includes researching your topic and finding its audience, working to edit a project to its strengths and present it to potential venues, publishers and other constituencies.”

For photographers serious about their creative practice and who wish to take their work to the next level. Limited to 15 students.
Acceptance by application and portfolio only, details below.  Application deadline extended to January 28.

Full details about this workshop are here.


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