SOLD OUT! May 19-20, NYC: Aperture Workshop – BEYOND PRINT

May 19, 2018toMay 20, 2018



As personal photographic projects come to completion, producing a publication can be an invaluable means to share the work with a broader audience.

Whether your book is published by a trade publisher, a small press, or you elect to publish your work yourself your publication date is just the beginning of the journey for your book and much of the market efforts will likely will fall to you. There are avenues for exposure within national press read by the photobook community and the broader public, based on the subject of your project. If you wish for your book to function as an path to new audiences via additional platforms, targeted research and presentation formats must be championed such as exhibitions with related educational programing can extend awareness and attention to the book throughout the tour of the show. From examining existing and desired audiences to the possibility of exhibitions this workshop will broaden perspectives and methods that aid in securing exposure for your book and your work.

During this weekend workshop participants will:

  • Confirm or reconsider their targeted audience for their project.
  • Determine “pitch” content to push out content on the book to the media.
  • Consider and set plans for implementing targeted social media content to reach this audience.
  • Research and assess potential venues for exhibitions of book content.
  • Research and assess potential bulk-sale buyers of their books.

Contact Aperture directly to be put on the waiting list for this course

Aperture Foundation
547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor
New York, New York


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