March 1st, Lexington, KY: Artist Talk by Hank Willis Thomas


© 2013 Hank Willis Thomas

University of Kentucky Art Museum
Artist Talk by Hank Willis Thomas
Friday, March 1, 2013 at 4:00 pm
Free and open to the public.

“Employing the visual language of advertising and popular culture, Hank Willis Thomas creates images that are at once immediately accessible and symbolically loaded. Examining the commodification of African American athletes, he presents the familiar Nike symbol as a form of ritual scarification or presents a basketball as a ball and chain. ‘My work brings history forward through framing our experience of race, class, and gender as conditioned by popular culture then and now,’ Thomas says. ‘Ultimately, my goal is to subvert the common perception of ‘black history’ as somehow separate from American history and to reinstate it as indivisible from the totality of past social, political, and economic occurrences that make up contemporary American culture.'”

University of Kentucky
Student Center, Worsham Theatre
200 Avenue of Champions
Lexington, Kentucky  [campus map #26]

This lecture is in conjunction with the exhibition on display until March 10th at the UK Art Museum and is part of the Robert C. May Endowment Photography Lecture Series.


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