June 7th-10th, Boston: Flash Forward Festival 2012

Magenta Foundation
Flash Forward Festival Boston
June 7-10, 2012
Admission: Free and open to the public.

This year is “the second annual Flash Forward Festival Boston, an extension of The Magenta Foundation’s successful Flash Forward Annual Competition for Emerging Photographers. Acknowledged as a critically important vanguard for introducing emerging talent from Canada, the UK and the US to a global audience, the annual competition continues to seek new ways to engage those interested in photography. The addition of this festival component is designed to provide opportunities for anybody interested in emerging photography, the evolving image industry surrounding it, and the self-publishing phenomenon.”

“This new installment of the Festival had our Programming Committee [Erin Elder, Clare Jordan, Robyn McCallum, Andy Adams and MaryAnn Camilleri] exploring the topics that interest and influence our industry. The committee, made up of professionals working in the commercial, fine art and social media aspects of the photography world, found loads of common ground and know that they’ve come up with timely and informative topics for lectures, panel discussions and seminars. After all, who doesn’t want to learn how to:

  • Make more money as a freelancer
  • Build a social media campaign [or even start one, for that matter]
  • Raise essential funds for projects or
  • Learn how Art Directors find work?

Along with bringing you some top-notch exhibitions, the Flash Forward Festival is all about ‘How to Succeed in Business’, and we are thrilled to share this noteworthy line up of guests and talks with you.  Special guests this year include:

  • Chris Dixon from Vanity Fair, and Natalie Cusson from enRoute, will talk about their roles as Design and Art Directors of leading magazines.
  • John Knight, co-founder and editor of iPad-exclusive Once Magazine, will talk about his experience creating an app that uses this dynamic platform that challenges traditional economic models of publishing and re-imagines what a photo story can be.
  • Tina Ahrens from Emphas.is will inform photojournalists and photographers about the ins and outs of HOW TO FUND THEIR PROJECTS!
  • Canadian photographer Tony Fouhse will talk about the twists and turns of working on a project, what happens to influence that process, and how to adapt to change along the way.”

Set within the Boston cityscape, the five-day festival is based out of the Fairmont Battery Wharf, offering an in-depth experience through organized networking events and educational programming that brings internationally respected industry professionals together to share their knowledge with the next generation of photographers. Programming includes curated indoor and outdoor exhibitions, a Harborwalk exhibition series featuring work from local galleries, along with lectures, panel discussions, and nightly events. This official program guide contains all the information that you will need to plan your itinerary.”
Information from Flash Forward March newsletter.

To learn more about the festival, visit their website: www.flashforwardfestival.com.


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