Deadline May 19th: “SPECTRE // SPECTRUM” Conveyor Magazine Issue No. 5

Conveyor Magazine
Call for Entries: SPECTRE // SPECTRUM
Deadline: Sunday, May 19, 2013, Midnight PDT

“Our sense of wonder and fear is most palpable when our visions are fleeting…

In the forthcoming issue of Conveyor, we will be searching for moments when the properties of a spectre, that which dissolves from our sight, and a spectrum, a continuum or perfection of vision, overlap and counterbalance each other. The trespassing of these apparitions between the material and immaterial worlds can be equally thrilling and terrifying, amorphous and yet revealing.

We’re looking for absorbing and unexpected sights – phantom or prismatic images, atmospheric phenomena, news from a secret admirer or an absent friend – things that remind us of sidelong glances, illusory dreams, primal discoveries, and ghosts in the machine. They can appear abruptly or be gently delivered; they can range from electrified vision to muted whisper, from stark revelations to those that bleed together.

Submission Guideline

  • 10 jpgs maximum (1000 pixels each on the longest side)
  • List of Images (include Title, Year, Media, Dimensions for each image)
  • Short statement (150 words) + Artist’s CV
  • Email submission materials in a ZIP file to: SUBMISSIONS@CONVEYORMAGAZINE.ORG.


  • Proposal (350 words) for an article or essay on the theme of Spectre//Spectrum
  • CV and Bio
  • Writing Sample

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