Deadline March 28th: Slideluck Potshow Phoenix

Slideluck Potshow is coming to Phoenix for the first time!!

Deadline for Submissions: MARCH 28, 2011 at MIDNIGHT

Submission Fee: $10

Submission Guidelines
Presentations are a maximum of 5 minutes each, but most are much shorter, and we recommend between 15-40 images. We accept work in digital format only. We encourage all types of media that can be presented within this framework, be it painting, sculpture, or installation art. However, they must be comprised mainly of still images – no film or video will be considered, although multimedia pieces using video as punctuation can be submitted. When presenting photographs, there are many ways to go about it. One should not be afraid of making thoughtful observations, creating narratives, combining live music, speaking, or even performing with images. We want to see good work, but it need not be safe. Show us work in progress, outtakes from a job or if that makes you uneasy, show us your absolute finest work, because we like that, too.

Because of the overwhelming number of submissions we receive, we now curate the slideshows to keep it at a maximum of 90 minutes. We will mainly be judging the submissions on range and diversity of subject matter. Our intent is to be inclusive and to provide as many people the possibility for expression as possible, and if we are unable to include your work for the show you originally submitted, we will always keep your work in mind for future shows. That being said, try to be cognizant of your audience and please exercise discipline in your editing process!

There is no theme for submissions. Having said that, you may be inspired by past Slideluck themes in other cities: i.e., Patterns, Family, Change, Mistakes, Energy, Grace, Nourishment, Anticipation.

Please go to the Phoenix Slideluck Potshow website for image specifications, to make your payment, and how to submit your entry.

The event will take place on April 30, 2011 at The Icehouse, 429 Jackson St in Phoenix, Arizona, 7 to 11 pm.  Click here for details.


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