Deadline December 20th: Blue Sky Pacific Northwest Viewing Drawers

Blue Sky
2014 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers
Deadline: Friday, December 20, 2013 at 11:00 pm PST
Fee: None; 10 images.

“Blue Sky established the Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers program in 2007 to feature a juried, public archive of original prints by contemporary photographers based in the region. The Drawers program has quickly become a favorite aspect of Blue Sky’s ongoing programming, available to approximately 25,000 visitors annually. For 2012—to coincide with the newly inaugurated Portland Photo Month (every April)—Blue Sky expanded the geographic scope of the Drawers program to include photographers from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia, and Alaska.

Michelle Dunn Marsh is executive director of Photo Center Northwest in Seattle, Washington.
Todd Johnson is the founder and director of Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

Any photographer who is a current resident of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia, or Alaska is invited to submit work for consideration. Please provide exactly 10 images (no watermarks) from a single series or body of work created within the last five years. If an applicant has previously been featured in the Drawers, the submission must be of new or different work. Submitted images must be the same as the original prints intended for inclusion in the Drawers. Only one entry per artist is permitted.”

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