August 15, Los Angeles: Lecture by Gerd Ludwig “Storytelling with Personal Vision”

Limited seats remain for this free seminar, open to all; register at

From the ASMP release: “Photographing for National Geographic Magazine for over 20 years, Gerd Ludwig beautifully captures all the complexities of life. Whether it is the sweetness of a hug kiss or the poignancy of children born with serious birth defects, his images resonate with a full scale of emotion.

In his lecture, Gerd Ludwig will share his personal approach to intimate, layered, and complex storytelling for National Geographic Magazine and other publications. He will focus on how to capture atmosphere and mood, while maintaining a sense of place; approach strangers and photograph them in an intimate fashion; and how to use form, lighting, and color in a sophisticated manner in order to communicate emotionally as well as editorially. He will talk about how his own photographic techniques (such as his use of wide-angle lenses, high ISOs, and his use of natural light in combination with handheld TTL flash) enable him to emphasize his message.

Throughout the lecture Gerd will show work he shot for National Geographic, convey how the take was presented to the editors and how it finally ran in the magazine. This way attendees will get an inside look at how a story moves from proposal to the published magazine article.

Finally, Gerd will advise how to survive in today’s marketplace, explaining how to take advantage of crowd-funding, social networking, and new media to get a personal project financed and seen by a wider audience. As a pioneer in crowd-funding, Gerd successfully financed his most recent trip to the Chernobyl zone via Kickstarter, resulting in exhibitions, publications, and most recently, an interactive multimedia photo book in the form of the iPad app “The Long Shadow of Chernobyl”.”

6060 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood on August 15th, 7:00 social, lecture begins 7:30.

Besides registering via our website, you can register by calling ASMP at 215.451.2767. Business hours are 9-5 Eastern time. Space is limited, so please register early.



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