Mary Virginia Swanson © Jamie Williams; Judging photobook competition with coauthor Darius Himes © Rebecca Senf; Santa Fe Workshops © Steven St. John; Annenberg Space for Photography © John Lewis;  PhotoNOLA © Samuel Portera.

© Judith Fox

There is no one like Mary Virginia Swanson.  Period.

I’ve had decades of experience as a photographer, author and business owner and I know—and have worked with—talented people around the world.  Mary Virginia Swanson ranks with the best of them, but she’s my go-to person when it comes to questions relating to world of photography.  She knows how to ask the right questions and focuses—quickly, efficiently and brilliantly—on whatever I put before her.  One of the many things I love about working with her is that she can help me with a photography issue I’m struggling with, but she also helps me with problems I didn’t know I had.  I once brought Mary Virginia an early-stage project to look at, and she encouraged me to rethink the title of the project; she was right—and the new title made a big difference in how I, and others, saw the work.  Mary Virginia Swanson has also helped me with questions about licensing photographs and dealing with publishers and contracts—if it relates to photography, she can deal with it.  Working with Mary Virginia Swanson has made me a better photographer, and a more successful one.  She’s also a truly lovely human being.

—Judith Fox (website)

From the MVS Marketing Blog

Early Bird Deadline May 31st: ICP / GOST First Photo Book Award

International Center of Photography | GOST Books
Call for Submissions: ICP / GOST First Photo Book Award
Early Bird Deadline: Friday, May 31, 2019 | Submission Fee: $25
Deadline: Monday, September 2, 2019 | Submission Fee: $35
“The ICP / GOST First Photo Book Award aims to promote and support the work of previously unpublished photographers and artists through […]

Deadline May 20th: CANON Female Photojournalist Grant 2019

Visa Pour l’Image
Call for Submissions: CANON Female Photojournalist Grant 2019
Deadline: Monday, May 20, 2019
Entry is free

“For the ninteenth year in a row, Canon and Visa pour l’Image will be presenting the prestigious Canon Female Photojournalist Grant to an outstanding female photographer in recognition of her contribution to photojournalism.
This year’s festival features the exhibition of the […]

Deadline May 31st: The 2019 Aaron Siskind Individual Photographer’s Fellowship Grant

Aaron Siskind Foundation
Call for Submissions: The 2019 Individual Photographer’s Fellowship Grant
Deadline: Friday, May 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT
Application fee: $25 USD
“The Aaron Siskind Foundation is offering a limited number of Individual Photographer’s Fellowship grants of up to $15,000 each, for artists working in photography and photo-based art. Recipients will be determined by a panel […]

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